• Ladder to Damascus / Soullam ila Dimashq
        • Ladder to Damascus / Soullam ila Dimashq


          • Country:
          • Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, 2013
          • Group:
          • World Film Panorama
          • Duration:
          • 95
          • Director:
          • Mohamad Malas
          • Screenplay:
          • Mohamad Malas, Samer Mohamed Ismail
          • Cast:
          • Najla el Wa'za, Lara Saade, Bilal Martini, Gianna Aanid, Mohamad Zarzour, Naoaur Yousef, Hussein Marii
          • Festivals:
          • Toronto, London, Dubai
          • Cinematographer:
          • Joude Gorani
          • Muzika:
          • Charbel Haber
          • Editing:
          • Ayhan Ergursel
          • Producers:
          • Georges Schoucair
        • Showing

          02. Mar | 23:00 | 250 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

          03. Mar | 13:00 | 220 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          Shot in Damascus months after the outbreak of the 2011 insurgency, under a shroud of secrecy and at great risk to the crew, Ladder to Damascus is a searing drama that weaves fiction and documentary with elements of the fantastical. Ghalia is possessed by Zeina’s spirit. Haunted by the life of a girl, who drowned the day she was born, Ghalia travels to Damascus, where she studies acting. There, she meets Fouad, an aspiring film-maker who becomes fascinated by Ghalia's duality. He takes her under his wing and helps her find a place to live. Fouad's love for Ghalia and Zeina blossoms, while the tumultuous events in Syria start unfolding in the streets around them and gradually encroaches on their idyllic isolation.