• Little Brother / Bauyr
        • Little Brother / Bauyr

          MALI BRAT

          • Country:
          • Kazahstan, 2013
          • Group:
          • World Film Panorama
          • Duration:
          • 97'
          • Director:
          • Serik Aprymov
          • Screenplay:
          • Serik Aprymov
          • Cast:
          • Almat Galym, Alisher Aprymov
          • Festivals:
          • Venecija 2013
          • Cinematographer:
          • Aleksandr Rubanov
          • Muzika:
          • Myrzali Zhienbayev
          • Editing:
          • Sylvain Coutandin
          • Sound:
          • Andrey Vlaznev
          • Production:
          • Kazkhfilm
          • Producers:
          • Dinara Aprymova, Gulmira Aprymova
          • Print Source:
          • Kazkhfilm
        • Showing

          01. Mar | 19:00 | 300 RSD

          03. Mar | 15:30 | 220 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          One small remote village lost in the mountains. The protagonist is a nine-year-old kid, Yerken, who resembles an ill nestling forced to live without any support and help whatsoever. He lives alone. Finally the day comes and his older brother returns home. Yerken is full of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, the older brother turns out to be the direct opposite of little Yerken. He is cold and hollow-hearted. Little Yerken doesn’t notice his defected personality due to the infinite love to his older brother. In the film’s finale, the older brother leaves and Yerken is left all alone in this world. Yerken never leaves an impression of a helpless little boy, depending on everyone and everything around him. Yerken doesn’t fight the reality around him—he is too young for that. He is self-contained and protected by his inner world.