• The 42th FEST is over!

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      09. March 2014.
      The 42th edition of FEST was official closed tonight in Sava centar.

      The 42th edition of FEST was official closed tonight in Sava centar. The audience has heard from the Artistic Director of the Festival Borislav Andjelic, Programming Director Ivan Karl and the Executive Director Dragan Marinkovic. "Under the slogan 'Nothing is Black and White", which often reflects our reality, we have ended the 42th edition of FEST. We want to thank you for your presence, all the theatres were packed and this is our joint success," Andjelic said.



      Gabrielle Tana, the Producer of Invisible Woman and Philomena officially closed the festival. She told the audience, "It was a great joy to be here with you, with both films. We all want to come back; we'll see each other next year."


      The award of the Europe out of Europe competition programme was also announced. The Chairman of the Jury Klaus Eder first spoke about the Festival. "In the last couple of days, I've seen many films. Wherever I went, it was packed. The film you will see tonight had its premiere in Cannes, in the main theatre with 1500 seats. Do you know how many you are tonight? 3400! This is bigger than the festival in Cannes! Thank you for making the Festival so successful this year."


      The winner, who received a 2000-euros award, is Iram Hak, the director of I'm yours. "Thank you all for having me, it's great to be here. It is my first film, it means a lot to me and this award is a great honour. I'm very happy and I will be celebrating tonight," Hak said.


      Ensued the screening of the Cannes laureate, the film Blue is the warmest colour by Abdelatife Kechiche. Although the official programme of the Festival will be finished tonight with David Lynch's Duran Duran: Unstagged, the audience will have the opportunity to watch the films again on March 10 and 11 in the scope of the rerun programme "Fest na bis" in the movie theathers in Dom sindikata and Dvorana kulturnog centra.