• Pioneer / Pionér
        • Pioneer / Pionér


          • Country:
          • Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, Finska 2013
          • Group:
          • Focus Scandinavia
          • Duration:
          • 106'
          • Director:
          • Erik Skjoldbjærg
          • Screenplay:
          • Hans Gunnarsson, Cathinka Nicolaysen, Kathrine Valen Zeiner, Erik Skjoldbjærg, Nikolaj Frobenius
          • Cast:
          • Aksel Hennie, Wes Bentley, Stephen Lang, Stephanie Sigman, André Eriksen, Jonathan LaPaglia, Ane Dahl Torp, Jørgen Langhelle, Eirik Stubø, David Jørgensen, Endre Hellestveit
          • Festivals:
          • Toronto, Helsinki, Hamburg, London, Čikago
          • Cinematographer:
          • Jallo Kekarainen Faber
          • Muzika:
          • AIR
          • Editing:
          • Frida Michaelsen, Jonas Aarø
          • Production Design:
          • Karl Júlíusson
          • Sound:
          • Frédéric Le Louët
          • Production:
          • Friland Produksjon
          • Producers:
          • Christian Fredrik Martin
          • Print Source:
          • Padora
        • Showing

          04. Mar | 22:30 | 250 RSD
          Dom omladine

          06. Mar | 18:00 | 250 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          Erik Skjoldbjærg, who helped lay the groundwork for the contemporary Nordic thriller with his international hit Insomnia (1997), returns with this propulsive, gritty film about the birth of the Norwegian oil industry in the early 1980s. Norway's biggest star, Aksel Hennie (Headhunters, Max Manus), plays Petter, a bachelor whose sole passion is deep-sea diving. Petter and his brother Knut (André Eriksen), a family man, take part in a test of whether it's possible to lay pipelines 500 metres below the frigid North Sea.

          Helping the Norwegians is a team of Americans employed by a multinational company that desperately wants the drilling contract. When the first test goes catastrophically wrong and no one is willing to take responsibility, an infuriated Petter digs deeper into the incident to find numerous conflicting interests and suspects. Beyond the evasive Americans and their unctuous leader Ferris (Stephen Lang), there's the Norwegian government, whose seedy representative seems to have crawled out of Coppola's The Conversation.