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      06. March 2014.
      The famed Italian actor Franco Nero will be visiting Serbia again.

      The famed Italian actor Franco Nero will be visiting Serbia again. Nero got his first major role owing to John Huston, who hired him for the role of Abel in the film The Bible: In the Beginning). Ensued the role of Django in the same-named western, which made Nero famous, owing him many roles in spaghetti westerns. Over the years, Nero acted in many European and Hollywood films, such as Die Hard 2 and Tristan by Luis Bunuel.


      He acted people of more than 25 different nationalities in over 200 roles. He often played national heroes such as Garibaldi (Italy), Arpad (Hungary) and Banovic Strahinja (Serbia). For the film Camelot, he was nominated for the Golden Globe. He didn't win it, but on the set, he met Vanessa Redgrave, whom he married and who gave him a son, Carlo Nero, today a film director. Franco received the title of Knight of the Republic of Italy in 1992 from the Italian President for his artistic achievements.


      Nero is coming to Belgrade for the role in the film Mamula by Milan Todorovic. The Italian star said he likes to help young directors, since his son is a director too and that is the reason he accepted the role in the film. He also said he was glad to be able to shoot in Montenegro.


      Franco Nero will be FEST's guest on the press conference on Saturday, March 8 in Sava Center.


      The premiere of the film Mamula shall be on Saturday, March 8 at 10 PM in Sava Center.