• Patrice Leconte, director of The Promise

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      06. March 2014.
      Patrice Leconte, director of "The Promise"

      "While I was reading the novel of Stefan Zweig I felt a strong sentimental echo and I wanted to express these feelings on the big screen. A good friend of mine recommended me that novel and told I was going to find in it a film and that's precisely what ultimately happened. That's a web of feelings, looks and unfinished things, that's me. The plot happens at the beginning of the XX century and we might think that such feelings are outdated. I sincerely believe that the love described by Zweig may happen even today and that the audience may fee these emotions. In my film Ridicule, the plot of which happens in the XVIII century, there were vibes and feelings the audience strongly felt. I believe there are stories, like the one in The Promise, which are timeless."