• Santiago Loza, director of La Paz

      FEST 2014 / News / Santiago Loza, director of La Paz
      05. March 2014.
      Santiago Loza, the director of "La Paz"

      "I can say that the film is the product of a personal experience of mine, a personal life phase through which I was going through. The film is also the result of my acquaintance with the lead actor and finally the home where the film was shot and the old lady appearing in the film is the actual grandmother of the protagonist. I wanted to show the reactions of persons in a vulnerable state, the most vulnerable phase of their lives. At the same time, I wanted to depict how sometimes persons that are not close to us and that are not our family may become closer to us than our immediate family in crisis situations. What I wanted to show with this story about social divisions is that people feel pain in the same way, regardless of their social standing. In my film, we see people from different social classes, but I didn’t want to judge how certain classes and their behaviour will be perceived by the viewers, people belonging to a certain societal class and meet similar people. I didn’t want to condemn any class or give my opinion, I just wanted to let them live alongside each other and see them how they experience and live with their pain. My idea was that pain is universal and regardless of one’s social background."