• AnnaLuisa Capasa, actress in La grande bellezza

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      06. March 2014.
      AnnaLuisa Capasa, actress in La grande bellezza

      "My mother is from Belgrade and when I was five, I went to the International school. Since this is my last year, we looked at the ranking of the Belgrade International School and saw it's one of the top 10 in Europe. I very much care about my education; although I am acting, I always knew I wanted to finish school before I fully dedicate myself to acting. Therefore, we decided I should come to Belgrade in order to focus on school without the distractions back home. Working with Paolo Sorentino was an honour. He is a dreamer; he explains you what you should do and while he does that, you see in his eyes that he actually sees this scene. You look at him and you see this scene, because he has a vision. He doesn't tell you precisely what to do, he rather says "you could do it like this", or "you could try this" and that's why it was very cool working with him. When we shot my scenes, we would do one or two takes, because he lets you do your thing, but with his idea. He gives to the actor the opportunity to communicate with the director and share ideas. He gives advice... Finally, when we would finish, he would say "perfect". He does not give many explanations, but he ultimately knows if things have turned out the way he imagined them."