• Caspar Pfaundler, director, Walking the Beach

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      06. March 2014.
      Caspar Pfaundler, director, Walking the Beach

      "The function of this film is not to entertain, but to provoke an emotion. I think that people think too much and don't feel enough. Nothing can be solved in the brain, but if you think and feel at the same time, something may change and be settled. My character is isolated, for it's a cold world out there, but the main problem is what to do with herself, she is the problem. If she trusts herself, if she is confident, she will be strong enough to get to grips with life. However, she just begins to understand what is really happening to her, but she has no solution. She's under pressure to finish her graduation thesis and that's why she isolates herself, but she actually does it unconsciously in order to find herself. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact whether she has finished school or not; she has to make certain decisions herself, to face the real person in her and not with what other people expect from her or what she wants. She is not an idealist person, that's not her, she is lost. Will she find freedom is her decision. She gets the opportunity, she feels something is wrong and if she takes the course of listening to herself, everything will be all right."