• Christophe Gans, Beauty and the Beast

      FEST 2014 / News / Christophe Gans, Beauty and the Beast
      07. March 2014.
      The director of the film Beauty and the Beast Christophe Gans and actress Myriam Charleins talked to the audience before the screening of the film in Sava Center.

      Last night, you introduced yourself to the audience in Belgrade with your film Beauty and the Beast. You said that fairy tales were a European legacy. How did you come to the idea of filming that famous fairy tale?

      - I have the feeling that fairy tales belong to our tradition and to the European nations: the Germans, the French, Italian, Norwegians. This is our tradition and I have the sense for quite a while that the Americans have hijacked it from us. We have seen some good films, but also films I believe have betrayed the original image of fairy tales and that is why I thought it was perhaps the time to reclaim the fairy tales in Europe. I wanted to make a film with European visual effects, by using color and European-style details. People think my film looks like an American version of the French film only because I use technology, but I don't think it is the case.

      Did you think about a film of a different genre?

      -        Every genre is interesting to me. I would love to make a Western, an epic fantasy, a medieval film, because I love films and I would like to try myself out in every genre. That would be fulfilling a childhood dream, since I spent a lot of time in the movies as a boy, enjoying different films. Now I would like to give something back in return for the joy I felt as a boy watching them.